The series are shown in three differents windows into a large black rectangle. The series disposition is as follow (from the top)


Series from p1 to p5 are shown in main window, ordered as follow:


The other two windows contain parameters from p6 to p15 and p16 to p25, in ascendent order.

Controls description


  1. Series for parameters from p5 (on top) to p1 (on bottom) as default: Pitch, duration, db, action time, instr.
  2. First column from left: controls to recombine the series. Second column: "Memorize" button: if activated, each series will be written into the "data" file. You can open this file from menu File->open out data file
  3. From the left: integers values to set the "formula" / Button to enter the values / selected case from the formula.
  4. From the left.
  5. From the top
  6. From the top

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